Sewing Circles

The Dressing Room installation emerged from a series of Sewing Circles engaging Stratford Village residents in skills sessions in pattern cutting and dressmaking devised and taught by the artist, Alison Marchant. Marchant provided residents with an archive of couture vintage Vogue patterns, and a choice of raw silks and wool fabrics. A series of seven full day workshops took place during October/November 2008 at Katherine Road Community Centre, inciting shared interest. The workshop space became a focus for concentrated making in all its detail, and drew upon a process of excavation and conservation of the voluptuously beautiful in the process of making within the dynamic of cross-cultural vintage chic.

The results of this Autumn/Winter project were displayed as the make-believe vintage shop installation, entitled ‘Dressing Room’ at Small World which could be viewed from dusk Mondays – Thursdays.

Location: Small World projects at Katherine Road Community Centre, East Ham