Small World Gardens

The reGeneration project has assisted residents in constructing 150 tiny planted front gardens across Stratford Village, which have been the inspiration for further residents to construct their own imaginative front gardens; there are now a variety of tiny front gardens in Stratford Village.

In Tennyson Road one garden stands out like a laboratory of recycled tubs and suspended cans where plants have been grown from seed outside. In the same street a highly scented garden has inspired the residents to create a bee hive on their back flat roof. In Aldworth Road an elderly resident has planted containers against their window which has always been covered with animal rights activist cuttings, while in Glenavon Road a resident has designed an impressive series of home-made sustainable self-watering reservoir planters, enabling high growth. In Faringford Road there is an interesting vegetable garden climbing up the frontage, and children in Vernon Road are tending a tiny garden which is a platform covering a dust bin supporting tomatoes, chili peppers and poppies. In the middle of the flowers, tomato plants are caned up and fruiting and potatoes are harvested. Tucked away in the cul-de-sac, Worland Road, an outstanding barge-like display is almost secretly situated.